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Fake Ray-Ban Hiker Folding Classic RB 4105

Fake Ray-Ban Hiker Folding Classic RB 4105 sunglasses is both practical and portable, and the style is always similar. This iconic Wayfarer is based on the original Wayfarer Classic, made in a compact and collapsible style, so you are truly an outstanding person. Hiker folding classics are easy to fold and carry while maintaining a durable frame. With Wayfarer folding classics, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for convenience. It crashes, unfolds and wears again.

The lenses are not distorted and diamond tools are used to block the wearer’s actual UVA and UVB protection and harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

The mirror lens is like a one-way mirror. They are made of lenses that cover the mirror coating of a specific color. The mirror coating reduces the amount of light passing through these lenses and is ideal for sunny days.
Fake Ray-Ban Hiker Folding Classic RB 4105 Hiker Folding Fake Ray-Ban is a true icon of an unprecedented spirit that has been reinterpreted as a new functional sunglasses. These sunglasses have the same symbolic lines as the original, but they are compact, foldable, practical and easy to carry, and their style is consistent. It can be used with polarized lenses and looks great in all aspects.

Wear, fold, deploy, and wear again. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer folding classic sunglasses are a true symbol of non-traditional spirit and have been reinterpreted as new functional best Ray-Ban.
The most representative best Ray-Ban modeling has become a practical, portable, stylish and compact folding style design. Crystal Green, Polarized, Crystal Grey Gradient, Crystal Green Mirror Blue, etc., Fake Ray-Ban 4105 Hiking Folding Classic Sunglasses, Black Frame and Various Lens Treatments Please search.

The Ray-Ban – RB4105 Wayfarer Folding sunglasses are an authentic icon of unconventional spirit, reinterpreted into new functional sunglasses. These sunglasses have all the same iconic lines as the original, but has been constructed into a compact, folding style ending up being practical, portable, and always in style. Available in polarized lenses and looks great on all faces.
RB4105 offrent une combinaison caractéristique entre les matériaux innovants et la conception emblématique de l’incomparable modèle Wayfarer. Liteforce est construite en matière thermoplastique haute performance utilisée dans différents domaines high-tech. Premier de son genre dans l’histoire des lunettes de soleil, le matériau de pointe assure légèreté, résistante, flexibilité et confort optimaux, et propose une alternative au métal en matière de design et de performances. Le modèle est orné d’une plaque logo en métal micro-fondu, afin d’assurer un surface lisse. Disponible dans une large gamme de couleurs et de polarisation en option.