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Ray-Ban tech sunglasses Blue Gradient Mirror Chromance Gunmetal RB8319CH

Ray Ban’s high-tech eyewear line takes innovation to a whole new level with true carbon fiber and Texalium technology. Ray Ban uses seven layers of carbon fiber mixed with resin, which is then water cut to create different parts of the frame. This makes the glasses very light, yet strong and flexible at the same time.

We had the help of fake raybans sunglasses to prepare a few pairs of these sunglasses. Since then, they’ve released more variety, which you can see here. The first thing you’ll notice when you get a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses is that they’re made of carbon fiber leather.
While I personally prefer the pilot style (they did make the pilot version that we didn’t get), there are two other lens styles here.
There are also two frame styles, one using only raw materials and the other surrounded by rubber, with carbon fiber or Texalium running through it. We got the rubber version, which is the best combination of looks and comfort: the
A big advantage of these aspects is flexibility (which also means they are durable and can last a long time). Carbon fibers can bend a lot and then go back to their original position.
I’m sure we’ll see more and more Ray-Ban tech sunglasses Blue Gradient Mirror Chromance Gunmetal RB8319CH using carbon fiber not only for the design aspect of sunglasses, but also for the other benefits they offer. In the meantime, let yourself experience the best pair of brands in the sunglasses industry first hand. We found a lot of options on . In the meantime, check out this video overview put together by Ray Ban, which covers some of the benefits of the tech line

Ray-Ban is the sunglasses brand of choice for rock royalty and movie stars, representing “cool”, so it’s no wonder the fashion world has adopted it. We took inspiration from some of our favorite international bloggers and street fashion stars to use this classic brand in a different way.