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Ray-Ban justin Blue Classic Black RB4165

At we track a range of luxury brands, asking digital consumers which brands they are aware of, cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses uk have bought recently and would recommend. And to quantify attitudes towards these brands even further, we completed a special study into consumers’ perceptions of luxury brands.

Take a look at the leading brands for each of the brand perceptions and Chanel takes the top spot for ‘quality’ – helped by the classic and timeless nature and positioning of the brand. Elsewhere, it’s clear that Armani has successfully placed itself as a high-status brand, coming out top for ‘prestigious’.

RayBan is perceived to be the coolest of the luxury brands – perhaps to be expected given that their glasses are often donned by the biggest celebrities. Almost 40% of consumers Ray-Ban justin Blue Classic Black RB4165 select Rayban here, giving it a lead over big names like Gucci, Chanel, Armani and Hugo Boss. It’s also interesting that RayBan is the brand that consumers are most likely to recommend.

Round Ray-Ban sunglasses have been hot for quite a while, and with celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Alessandra Ambrosio keeping them in the spotlight in photo-shoot after photo-shoot, there is no sign of them cooling down any time soon. Mirrored lenses, meta frames, high quality design, crystal arm ends, superior craftsmanship, and plenty of customized options, it is easy to see why the Ray-Ban is still one of the leading examples of superior design. They combine quality and excellence with comfort and elegance in such a way no other brand has even come close to duplicating it.

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