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Ray-Ban active sunglasses Light Blue Gradient Black-Silver RB2448NM

We all know there are many types of people in this world of ours. With those many types of people come many types of noses, faces, and cheekbones. Because of this, sunglasses don’t always fit each face equally. Therefore, a special breed of sunglasses were born under the not-so-subtle moniker of “Asian Fit.” At first, this term may seem odd, or even offensive; however, this it’s more than just a marketing term, and although the styles are primarily marketed in Asia, the term specifically describes adjustments made to the sunglasses. So what exactly is it? The short version is that Asian Fit frames were designed for people with shallower nose bridges Ray-Ban active sunglasses Light Blue Gradient Black-Silver RB2448NM and higher cheekbones. People who possess these facial features typically have an uncomfortable time in sunglasses. Many sunglasses will easily slide down the nose and often rest on the tops of their cheeks. Asian Fit sunglasses try to combat these fitting issues with sunglasses that have a modified nose bridge, larger nose pads, or less of an inward tilt to them. Most of these adjustments are made very slightly, so to change the fit without altering the style of the glasses. The wider nose and high cheekbones are typical for those of Asian descent, hence why the term Asian Fit was adopted by the eyewear industry. But, if you feel like these fit problems apply to you – but you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, I’m not Asian…” – definitely don’t count these styles out! Sometimes, the style can be called “Alternative Fit” to be more inclusive.

How can I tell? Oakley is primarily known as the frame manufacturer that popularized “Asia Fit” or “Asian Fit” cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses uk  sunglasses (typically abbreviated with an AF). Just a quick search on their website reveals all the different styles of glasses they have with this fit. Because Oakley has a unique SKU number on each of their glasses, you just need that letter/number combination and you can easily look up whether your glasses are Asian Fit or not. On some models, the letter “J” is present at the end of a SKU number to indicate Asian Fit. Just because Oakley popularized the term, it definitely doesn’t mean they are the only company that offers them. A lot of high end designers such as Safilo and Oliver People’s have been making a special line of sunglasses for Asian markets since before the turn of the century, although they often don’t use the term. Ray Ban also has a few styles available in this alternative fit, and while they are considerably harder to find on cheap  Ray-Ban  website, the frames feature an “F” at the end of the model number. Are the lenses different? Because of the business Fuse is in – this is single handedly the most important question that we need to let you know! So… drumroll please… the answer is… it depends (unfortunately). The lenses in some styles, such as Oakley’s Half Jacket and Flak Jacket, can be interchanged between Asian and regular fit styles. In other cases, such as the Ray-Ban Justin – RB4165 and RB4165F, the lenses are not interchangeable. This means that even if you know your frame is Asian Fit, it might not even matter that much! But, it’s still good to double check before purchasing lenses if you think you might have one of these frames. Remember – if you ever have any questions or doubts, we’re here to help! Just send us a quick email at and our team can make sure you find the exact lenses that you need.

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